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VRC Сar Rental Odessa

VRC is a reliable company that gives you an opportunity to rent a car within 20 minutes. We ensure you you’ll be satisfied with our extremely easy booking process, and our dependable service. VRC car rental company provides a range of advantages and strive to deliver the highest quality service such as:

  • New vehicles with comfortable car interiors and easy handling;
  • An opportunity to rent a car for any period of time;
  • A favorable lease terms.

Popular Cars for Rent


Car rental Odessa - Daewoo Lanos from $16/day


Car rental Odessa - Hyundai Accent from $23/day


Car rental Odessa - KIA RIO from $28/day

VRC is ready to meet all your needs!

Car renting process can be a scary task. It is not a surprise, even the most ardent lovers of personal transport turn to a car rental service because they can’t live without it. But VRC easy twenty-minute booking system is changing the way of people think.
By the way, VRC is a perfect solution for events as weddings. It is just that easy to have even a motorcade at your wedding, and select the original auto for any celebration.
You can hire an auto not only for a special event! Before buying a new private auto, most of drivers want to try it first on the road. Car rental companies provide this opportunity, and VRC vehicle range often includes even the newest models. Of course, experienced drivers can’t stand public transport, and can’t imagine their life without a car. So, while your car is being mended, you’ll be in a hurry to rent an auto.

  • We will provide you with a complete set of required documents, and guarantee a clean, dependable vehicle.
  • We have a wide range of vehicles – from budget to luxury cars. In VRC you may rent the great auto at low cost and minimal efforts!
  • Our rental service can also include a personal driver for each car on request.

Car rental service in Odessa will help you to solve all the issues connected to moving around the city and beyond, and completely enjoy your carefree vacation! Our service gives you an opportunity to rent quickly and on favorable terms.

  • Rush to comfort and freedom!
  • Let yourself to relax during your holiday!
  • Be independent of circumstances – travel with pleasure!
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